Monday, April 30, 2012

Poem Twenty-nine - Terry is Six

Terry turned six today.
Dark eyes shining,
He had sung a song,
"And I'm gonna be,
And I'm gonna be,
Six years old!"
Of course he had not stopped at six,
And made himself older
With each verse.
Perhaps his best present
Is his Daddy in his arms.
Finally able to
Be there for him.


Peggy said...

This one intrigues me, Becca. You suggest that Terry is no longer six and I think, is his Daddy home from war, holding the boy in his arms, or is the boy all grown up, perhaps middle aged or more, holding his Daddy in his arms. This is one of the charms of poetry. It can sometimes mean what you need it to.

Becca Allison said...

Terry, my grandson, just turned six this April 29th. My son Mack just moved near to him, from Alabama to North Carolina. Unfortunately, my son had been incarcerated for nearly two years. It's complicated. I will post a picture to accompany this soon.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Love this poem! and I really liked your poem at Every Day Poets.

Becca Allison said...

Thank you, Tyrean! Need to get back to the poetry. I have begun a new job training new truck drivers, so that has occupied a lot of time. Back to the poems soon!