Monday, January 28, 2013

Yes, I am still alive

It has been months since I posted here. I must have been resting on my proverbial laurels after the "30 poems in 30 days" feat. Or it might have been that after that, I started driving my own truck and training students. Not much time to blog then; sleep is more important. Or it might also involve the fact that my sons are doing well and there is no anguishing to be done. Or it might be that I just got tired of blogging for a while. For us daydreamers, boredom can be a show stopper. But I am back. I love the appearance of my own words on a beautiful blue page. I love searching for just the right words. It's like sifting through jewels. I am sitting here trying to feel what the process of writing is like. In general, when I write, I "see" the words sort of floating in my mind's eye and pluck them into a sentence. The background behind the words is shifting pictures. Quite marvelous. Sometimes when I get just the right words, it excites me so much I have to get up and move. I jump up from the computer and go get coffee or check the mail, just to be moving while the words are settling onto the screen. I love the feeling. I love the struggle to capture the right words, wrestle them into the sentence, tie them to the other words to make a beautiful beast no one has ever made before. Guess I'll be blogging more often.