Saturday, March 13, 2010

There is Nothing Like It

My son is in love. I have never seen him this happy.

At twenty-two, he has had several girlfriends, and we have been happy for him. We have done our best to learn to love each one, advised him as best we could, and been there with comforting words when they broke up. It's been hard on us as his parents to see him hurt. He has wanted to be part of a loving couple but just had not found the one.

This time he has found a young woman with whom he can be himself. She laughs genuinely with him, wades fearlessly into discussions on subjects that fascinate him, and deepens his thoughts.

They fell in love on the Internet, talking and sharing writing. Through the wonders of Skype, they could gaze into each other's eyes from two thousand miles away. She lives in Nova Scotia; he lives in Alabama. Though the dangers of meeting an online friend have been documented, they have done it right. She came for a visit today. And I do not think there is much difference between this and the long time practice of traveling to the next village to find your love. The technology is new and the distance is greater, but the idea is the same.

To find another person who loves you as deeply as you love them is a wondrous thing.Someone who accepts you, warts and all, and helps you grow into the best you that you can be. The exhilaration of this new love shines from his face and has put a spring in his step, the like of which I had never seen with other girls. And there is nothing like watching your child's face light up when he speaks of her. All a mother wants is for someone to love her son or daughter as much as she loves them. Hard as it may be to let them go from your protective embrace out into the world, it is bearable and even heartwarming to see them embraced by their new love.

I am getting to know her. I like what I see so far, very much. May they always make each other's eyes light up.