Saturday, November 22, 2014

So Much for That Job.

So much for that job....

I worked at Cracker Barrel for a month.  Without going into detail, let me just say that I can run a kitchen better than they can, and I am not working like a galley slave with no break in 4-8 hours for $8.75 an hour.

Pleasant people - but disorganized. So when they cut my hours from 30 to 10 a week, I took it as a sign. I realized I didn't want any more hours!

So, as much as I did not want to, I am going back out on the road driving a big wheel.

With my husband.

Going to make it as pleasant as I can.

At least this way I will not have to beg some fool for time off when my grandbaby is born. We can just schedule it.

Did I tell you? It's a GIRL!

I will write more later, as my younger son and his lady love are expected for a short visit in less than an hour.

I am so happy about that and virtually everything else!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Got a Job And Wonderful News!

I've been hired as a prep cook at a company which shall remain nameless. They don't like to be talked about on social media, so I shan't.

I like the company, and there is a chance I can move up here, also a chance I can move to North Carolina with this job.

I have to move closer to my sons and grandchildren.


Mack and Beverly told me right before my birthday that they were expecting. I am so excited.  We want a baby girl this time, but we will, of course, be happy with a healthy baby.

More on all this later - I am a bit tired from standing on my feet instead of sitting on my butt.

But it is gonna be great!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

No Longer a Trucker

I have stopped long haul trucking, as of July 13, 2014. I was tired and bored, and my mental and physical health was deteriorating. Plus, my friend who had been keeping our three dogs and taking care of the house had to get her own apartment because she could just barely get up our stairs. She couldn't take our three dogs. It was a sign that it was time.

Now what? I have been applying for jobs online for a month now, and have little to show for it. I have been technically hired as a limo driver, locally, but it is contingent on the business growing. I may be hired at a daycare center. I have applied to nanny jobs and to a laser technician job.

I am working on getting my house in order. Working the way I was, there was little time to deep clean or organize.

I still need to work, both for money and for a feeling of accomplishment.

Hope God will put me where I'm needed.

Till then, I am also stepping up my writing.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


I have neglected this blog. I have a few excuses, but not good ones. In true daydreamer form, the actual reason is that I just got bored with it and stopped for a while. I went on to write a blog for pay, for a couple of trucking recruiting sites. I need to be careful or I will get bored with that, too. I do not do well when I get bored. I tend to slack off, get sloppy, procrastinate...whatever you want to call it. As a child, my procrastination was chronic. But then again, in the schools I went to, the boredom was rampant. How they managed to suck the life out of this fascinating world, I do not know. I became a daydreamer to save my mind. I think it worked, though it did prevent me from going on to a fascinating career. I didn't know there were such wonderful careers available to me such as architect, pilot, writer.... Looking back, I wonder at how I just accepted the "Help Wanted: Female" ads as if there was nothing more. I didn't know that wonderful jobs were never advertised in the paper. The least boring job I knew I could get was teacher, so that is what I headed for in college. Until, of course, I got to the Education guessed it, boring. So I dropped out and joined the Army. That was fun and challenging for quite a while. Unfortunately, before I could retire, it got....boring. I finally retired and had quite an awful time deciding what to do with the rest of my life, at only 43. I had not a clue what I wanted to do with my life. I had finally gotten a degree while in the Army, a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education, with a concentration in Culinary Arts. This meant I could teach Culinary Arts. I got a job as a "permanent" substitute in the high school Culinary Arts class, finishing out the year when the teacher had to retire in January. Had a great time with the kids. When I went to apply for the actual job, though, I was told I was not qualified, because I didn't have a degree in Home Economics. Never mind that my degree was better, plus I had 22 years professional food service experience. That's when I decided to join my husband in driving a 18 wheeler. Now I have been doing that for sixteen years, aside from the three or so years I spent driving a bus for a retirement community. And guess what? Yep...I'm bored. I have pretty much mastered maneuvering the beast on highways and tight docking situations. I have solved each problem and met each challenge....several dozen times. I can feel it setting in. The dreaded boredom. I need a different set of challenges. I'll keep you posted when I figure out what they are.