Thursday, April 12, 2012

Poem Twelve---Poetry Fail

My browser's no longer supported,
My Blogger account informed me,
My poetry comes out all prosey,
Oh, bring back my poems to me!


Rhyme Time said...

Yes that is a poets worst have some good work that cannot be seen or read properly. I hope things change for you soon as I really do like your work.

Andy David said...

Visiting from NaPoWriMo.

Sorry to hear about your issues. Don't know what browser you were using before, but it only takes a few seconds to install the Google Chrome Browser. It's free & that's what I use. It's faster than Internet Explorer too. You can find it here... Good luck!

Day 12/13: Love, Charity And Poverty

Becca Allison said...

Thanks, Andy, I have it on my laptop. Unfortunately, I am trying to post to my blog from my iPhone, which seems not capable of allowing anything but Safari, which Blogger doesn't like. I will keep trying. As a truck driver, I can't always post from my laptop.

Becca Allison said...

Fixed it by going back to their "old" format. Sheesh.