Monday, April 16, 2012

Day Fifteen - Relationship

He said, "Where did you put my pen?"
She said, "On the desk."
He said, "It's not there."
She said, "That's where I left it."
He said, "You never put things back."
She said, "You don't know how to look for them."
He said, "Why can't you leave my things alone?"
She said, "Why can't you put them away?"
He said, "You put them away and hide them."
She said," I couldn't if you didn't leave them in the way."
He said, "I knew where I left it!"
She said, "Yes, in the middle of the table we eat on!"
He said, "Where is my pen?"
She said, "I have no idea."
He said, "Find it!"
She said, "Find it yourself!"
Their five year old in the next room
Drew an angry face with Daddy's pen.

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