Monday, December 5, 2016

Vivienne at Twenty Months

She has hazel eyes and honey hair.  Her hair has a bit of natural wave it it, which I, her Grandma, insist she got from me.  She is a beautiful child, not just because she is my granddaughter.

She walks and runs all over the house, and strews toys, clothes and shoes all over with abandon. She especially loves shoes.

She puts her tiny feet into Daddy's or Mommy's shoes and delightedly walks around in them. Sometimes she will put her brothers' shoes on her hands.

Formerly just fine  with going barefoot in the house, now she insists on shoes and socks.

She drags one or both of the pink plaid blankets that her Great Aunt Kaye made her everywhere and has to have them to sleep. When we tell her it's naptime with her own little naptime song, she starts calling for "Binky, binky, binky!" till she finds it.

Once in her crib, she will settle down with her binky and her thumb - once again, like me as a baby.

She blows kisses when someone leaves. Her favorite book is Hugs and Kisses.  

She loves to watch Coraline  and Sarah and Duck.

We all adore her. All the big people in the house, and Sadie the dog, whom she calls Say-Dog.

I love little boys, but this girl baby has my heart.

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