Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Ok, Jules, you busted me! It has been way too long since I posted - I evidently immediately forgot my resolve to post at least once a week, which is what happens when I try to discipline myself. Stubborn as I am, I don't even like ME telling me what to do.

So - new tactic is to write first, play later. Before I get on the "Innertubes" as my son calls it, I go immediately to my novel that I am writing. Once I start writing or revising, I am hooked. It's the getting started that I have problems with.

A wise woman with a very happy husband once told me, " I used to never want to have sex with my darling husband because I was tired, thinking about the kids, interested in something I was reading, etcetera. But I noticed that once he convinced me to turn everything off and go to bed with him, I had a wonderful time. It was just getting started that did not seem to appeal to me. So I very wisely told him to just start with me and I'd catch up!"

Writing seems to work that way. Just start and your Muse will run to catch up.


DJ said...

She posted!
And yes, the starting is definitely the hardest part.
Once we begin, the momentum carries us into wonderful places.
Love & Laughter...

DJ said...

By the way, friend...Ask Jules how long it's been since she posted on her blog...

Junebug56 said...

Ummm....yeah, it's been a while since she posted, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't kick myself in the keester! Gently! We love you, Julesie!

Meandering Artist said...