Sunday, June 7, 2009

Daydreaming, not Blogging!

It has been too long a while since I posted. As any inveterate daydreamer can understand, I got caught up on Facebook and its Farm Town, and posting on CoachCreativeSpace. Then my laptop crashed - serious withdrawal!
We had also been driving all over the country with little time to write. Our dedicated run from Atlanta to Chicago and back, twice a week, died last fall when the economy tanked.
We are back on that run now, so maybe I can discipline myself to blog more often - I am setting a goal of once a week. That I can do.
As to Facebook and Farm Town - I think the new will wear off eventually

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Meandering Artist said...

Your week is up, oh daydreaming one! LOL. I never got started farm town or mafia wars- I saw the danger to myself in that. I have seen those things, mafia wars especially suck people right out of real life.
We should try to pick one of your runs where I can go to my sisters in Indy and meet you for a cup of coffee!